mardi 27 mars 2007

First declaration

I speak french but I think it's necessary to know an other language. It will be english one. That's a sufficient reason to open a blog and to write some things interesting the most often possible of people. I hope that for a year my english will be better than today.

The origine of the name of the blog is : THE DIARY OF "I". "I" like I speak or I think or I love. We are more than 6 billions of humans on the earth and I am one I about 6 billions but I do exist.

It's not yet the end!

Every animal is an "I" and every vegetal too. Then, we are not 6 billions of "I" but billions of billions of billions ... Sorry for the lack of certitude about the exact number. I don't know it but I am certain that this number exists precisily. The nature is totally precise. There is no incertitude. Only, our knowledge is incertain.

See you later.

The I-redactor.

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